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JS Great Spot and JS Sugar Bear competed in their first recognized sport horse in hand class at the 2015 Boise River show, scoring a 68.4% and 71 % respectively.

Our goal here at Jumper's Sport Horses in Emmett Idaho is to produce a sane, sound, sturdy, well-rounded athlete that any rider can enjoy, whether your goal is to compete in the dressage, eventing or jumper arenas, continue your riding education, or ride for pleasure. We have taken our 20+ years of experience raising champion Appaloosa sport horses into the larger sport horse market with the addition of KWPN registered pinto Dutch Harness Horse stallion Vincent.

With our goals in mind, our horses are raised in large pastures with varied terrain and appropriate companions. This gives them plenty of opportunity to learn to handle their developing bodies and minds naturally. The horses are also handled regularly from birth, learning respect for their human partners while they learn what is expected of them in training, so they are ready to take their place in your family at whatever stage of training you desire.

As they mature, our horses are given lessons appropriate to their age and development, in hand, on the longe and under saddle, including free-jumping, trail work and dressage. Each horse is introduced to the show environment when it is ready. 

​We handle our horses as individuals, but also as the champions they will become someday, so that they are ready to join you on your journey, wherever it will take you. We look forward to meeting you and helping you find your perfect partner!


Jumpers Sport Horses

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